8 Cute And Practical Outdoor Mosquito Net Ideas to Try

Summer is a wonderful season to enjoy the sunlight, bird’s songs, sea breeze or perhaps a green grass with floweries in your front or backyard. But there is one thing that spoils it a bit, INSECT. Worry not, you can use repellent candles and torches to avoid the, or go for a mosquito net. Mosquito net is can also become a cool decor element that can be used both indoors or outdoors. If you have an outdoor space and you think that mosquito net is cool enough for you, check out these 8 cute and practical outdoor mosquito net ideas to try below.

1. Bunk Bed with Mosquito Net

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Give your porch a bunk bed, pillow and blanket and of course, mosquito net to enjoy a great evening for yourself or even with your love one. Mosquito net gives your space a romantic feeling, too.

2. Lounge Chairs and Mosquito Net

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A lounge chair and mosquito net to enjoy the afternoon sun is perfect.

3. Simple Mosquito Net Decor

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Give your patio an extra decoration; put a rug or a blanket with tons of pillows to enjoy your time with friends after having an outdoor dinner.

4. Umbrella Canopy with Mosquito Net

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Umbrella canopy with mosquito net to keep you from the bugs and the sunshine, PERFECT.

5. Porch with Mosquito Net Surround

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Give your porch a full mosquito net to keep you and your guests from insect, and also, it can also become another way to keep your space more private.

6. Outdoor Activity

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Having a nap in outdoor space can be perfect; a bed, pillows and a mosquito net hanging on the tree.

7. Outdoor Bathroom

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If you have an outdoor bathroom, add a mosquito net to the bathtub, so you can enjoy your me-time in bathtub while enjoying the outdoor view without worrying of getting a distraction from the insects.

8. Outdoor Lunch

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Let’s have an outdoor lunch with a mosquito net to cover you and your food from insects.

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