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37 Fun Ways to Organize Stuffed Animal In Your Kid’s Room

Your kid’s room is full with so many stuff. Their books, their clothes, their toys, oh, so many of them. But  some of them is not just the toy. The stuffed animal, for example, they are both toys and decorative items. If you know how to organize them, there is no need to add room accessories to your kid’s room. All you need is some creativity and those stuffed animal.

Stuffed animals are cute, fluffy and so lovely. But they take too much space in your kid’s room. So check out these 37 fun ways to organize the animal stuffed in your kid’s room below to inspire you. Proof yourself that they are not just a stuffed animal in your kid’s room.

Storage of dolls by hanging
White shelf on the wall as a storage doll
White cloth hung for toy storage
Storage with black cloth for children’s dolls
Wooden storage as a container for children’s toys
Fabric knit fabric for kids toys to make it look neat
Hanging storage for storing toys
Square storage of light green wood
White tubular storage
Multi-story iron storage rack
Artificial storage made of white cloth hung on the wall
multi-level wood storage
Square white storage ideas

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Purple storage in the room wall
Storage of iron buckets placed on the wall
Storage made of wooden stairs
Tiered plastic storage in purple
Purple wood storage
White shelf as storage for children’s toys
Black net as a storage for children’s toys
Nice purple storage
Wooden storage for children’s toys
Simple storage made of white cloth
Cloth for storing toys
Simple white iron storage
Storage under the bed
White rectangular wood storage
Black iron storage on the wall

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Patterned fabric used as toy storage
Cute orange color storage
Storing toys by hanging on the wall
Storage square of wood and has purple paint
White shelf for storing dolls
Minimalist storage on the walls and white doors
Simple white story store
White storage made from curtains

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