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Top 10 DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

What will be the best way to decorate your home nowadays? Since the DIY trend is back, it’s the right time to do it! With this top 10 DIY pallet furniture ideas to upgrade your home, what else do you need? Just get the wood pallet nearby, and start work on your house!

1. The Simplest Bed Frame

With the used wood pallet you get, of course you can make basically everything, including your own bed frame. Obviously, it’s certainly possible for you to make the intricate ones. But, if you don’t have much time to do it, then the simplest one will do. Just remember to calculate it properly, so it will fit your bed and room size.

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2. Head Frame from Wood Pallet

The head frame is another simplest thing to do with plenty of wood pallets you have. You can make it into any designs. But, you can add more functionality into it. From lighting to decoration, you can do it! Just remember to predict whether it will fit your bed designs or not!

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3. Rustic Bench and Coffee Table Set

Wood pallet screams rustic to lots of people. That’s why, you can make a coffee table set from it. One thing that you must remember, is that you have to use the same wood. Or else, it will look weird.

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4. Simple Coffee Table with Rotating Wheels

This pretty little coffee table is super easy to make. It has wheels, it can move (obviously), and it has small extra storage below! It doesn’t need a lot of wood to make. But, you have to calculate precisely to get the perfect shape you want.

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5. Outdoor Set from Wood Pallet

This set is actually premade. Because, if you can see it, some of the chairs are made from the used wooden crate. But, of course you can add some flick into it. Using nice cover and soft pillows, it could be the best place to hang out in the afternoon.

6. Wardrobe with Rustic Vibe

This wardrobe reminds you of the 60s vibe. It is classic, yet artsy at the same time. Surely, it adds the rustic decoration in your bedroom. You can make as many racks as you want, as long as your skill allows it.

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7. Cafeteria-Like Dining Table Set

Look at the bench, doesn’t it reminds you of an old-school cafeteria? You will need some extra wood to make this set. But, the good news is, you don’t need much polish. Just use the clear paint for the surface. Then, it will last long!

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8. Coffee Table to Put Your Decoration

The coffee table is simple, but it surely has the ultimate rustic vibe. With this simple coffee table, you can put some of your most precious mementos in living room. Put some emergency candle as well! Then, put tiny decoration for better looking coffee table!

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9. Desk with Spacious Space

Believe it or not, wood pallet is strong enough to create a desk! It can be as wide as you want, but remember to use strong material for the legs. Not only rustic, it will suit well with your electronics. Make sure to have nice chair for more comfortable workspace!

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10. Table for Living Room

The wood pallet is possible to be used as coffee table material. But, if you’re worrying about spending a lot of money for your TV rack, you can use the same wood pallet in your living room. To make it even more beautiful, make sure they have the same tone!

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