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28+ Cheap and Easy DIY Wood Pallet Signs for The Home

Let’s admit it, wood pallet is one of the easiest thing to find around our house. So, it’s a wise option to make something from it, instead of just throw it to the garbage dump. This list of 28+ cheap and easy DIY wood pallet signs for the home is the alternative for you. If you’re confused about what to try, you can make something easy like these!

Some of the signs are the types that you can make this instant. And some, surely need time to make into perfection. But, instead of just make it a trash, right? Isn’t it better to revamp it into something useful and artistic for the house?

Important Number Written on Sign
Just One Word Created with Rope
Lettering Decoration on Sign
Wooden Sign for Wedding Decoration
Stamp Lettering on Wooden Sign
Wise Words for Reminder at Your House
Winter Wooden Sign with Artsy Letter
Bedroom Decoration for Rustic Vibe
Simple Gradation Paint with Hand Lettering
Military-Like Font on Sign
Abstract Art with Simple Painting
Mix of Two Different Signs
Rustic Signs for Bedroom Decoration
Wooden Pallet for Sign
Write Sentence Using Spray Paint
Sign with Bold Lettering
Stamp Sign with Retro Font
Block Words for Outdoor Sign
Words of Wisdom as Decoration
Simple Line Art Decoration
Dual Color Sign for Home

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Place Name on Your Wood Pallet Sign
Colored Wood Pallet with Wordings
Sign and Pretty Hand Letter
Cliche Words on Wood Pallet
Welcome Sign for Lodge
Memorable Bible Verse for Decoration
Lettering for Metal on Wooden Sign
One Paragraph of Reminder as Decoration
Wooden Sign Containing Important Information
Vertical Sign with Bible Verse

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