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31 Perfect Wood Fence Ideas to Add Privacy for Your Modern Home

The fence is the first face in a house. Therefore, choosing the best fence design is very important. In addition, the fence also has an important role. Fences can be used as a barrier between houses. So that the house becomes more private and not easily disturbed by your neighbours passing by. In building a fence, you must pay attention to several sides. Not only the design but also the material used.

First, get to know your home style well. Then determine the fence that fits the state of your home. Besides choosing a suitable design, environmentally friendly material you should consider. The type of fence that is easily integrated with any home style is a wooden fence. As a complement to the minimalist modern house looks elegant. Then, combined with a contemporary style house also looks charming.

Enjoy your safe wooden fence with pallet design that can make them amaze.
In short time, everybody surprised with white modern wooden fence that can make your home look stunning.
Low and long design actually can decorate your house with vertical and horizontal arrangement.
Although it is look like an old wooden fence, but it is still sturdy and durable.
In a simple way, with wooden pallet fence you can feel comfort with it.
Stacking wooden battens together produces a chic and attractive wooden fence.
Enjoy the fresh and clean with board wooden fence around your house.
It will be safer if you combine a wooden fence with concrete at the bottom.
Different size of wooden board, it still produce a charming wooden fence.
A board that is very tightly arranged will produce exceptional security and beauty.
A slightly tenuous arrangement provides a little gap for those who wants to see the beauty exterior design of your house.
Reuse your old door into a safe and chic wooden fence.
As creative as possible, make them amaze with your colorful wooden fence.
Horizontal wooden pallet fence make your own perfect and private house.
Enjoy your simple and bright wooden fence to produce a fresh look.
A creative installation of some wooden pallet create a unique wooden pallet fence.
Great idea to combine a wooden board and little detail decoration of wooden board fence.
The simplest one with wooden pallet to build a beautiful wooden fence.
Install a rather high wooden pallet fence to overcome your safety.
Furthermore, arrange your pallet with vertical position to make other different wooden fence.
Vertical and horizontal becomes a beautiful wooden fence as a fence and a pot.
Whit white wooden fence, enjoy your perfect beauty house and elegant wooden fence.
Complete your wooden fence with some flowering plants to make overall beautiful.

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This beautiful wooden privacy fence surrounds a backyard oasis and looks perfectly at home alongside other modern touches.
The fence has a slope, gradually going from taller to shorter. This is one beautiful, unique fence
This design offers great visual impact by simply re-positioning commonly-used elements like a Japanese temple.
A rustic wooden fence surrounded by greenery. 
This wood fence beautifully combines nature with man-made materials.
The oiled wood also helps provide a tasteful finish to the overall presentation. 
This featured lattice top fence proves that you can have a beautiful, simple, traditional fence.
The classic white fence stands out from all the greenery around it, looking clean and modern.

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We have presented various designs of wooden fences. To help you find the right design for your home. Minimalist modern home design makes the exterior design has an important role. So it is good for you to determine the best fence for your home. The point is, create an elegant home atmosphere with a wooden fence.

Determine the design of the fence right now. To produce a modern, comfortable and elegant home facade. Besides being environmentally friendly, wood fences are among the types of fences that are on budget and easily available. It’s just that you need to add paint or polish action as a form of protection. So that the wooden fence will be more durable.

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