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29 Garage Storage Solutions Ideas to Make Your Garage More Organized

Generally, the garage is a place to store your vehicles such as a car, motorcycle or bicycle. However, with the development of interior design, many people design garages with large sizes. The reason is that the garage will be used as a storage area too. However, there are also people who specifically make garage storage just to store a variety of equipment. In fact, many people have problems when storing the things they have. And that problem is about neatness. Many people can’t arrange their things neatly. And it makes the garage look very messy. There are 29 ways you can do, that is by making cabinet storage, hooks storage, or overhead storage.

Actually, from the three ways to store items above, these ways have advantages and disadvantages. If you have a large garage, you can make all three storages that you can place in the garage. It will make it easier for you to store various items that you have. However, don’t forget to always make the room neat and clean. So it can be the best garage storage that you have.

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