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30 Ways to Recycle the Unused Plastic Bottles to Become Crafts

It is really great to be able to utilize something unused to be a valuable things. In this case, the plastic bottles are the most widely exist around us. That is why let us talk about it more so that the garbage out there can be minimized. Since there are so many things about the crafts that we can make by using the plastic bottles, let’s divide it to be more simple. Here, we are going to classify the crafts into the ornament and functional things.

It is amazing how the plastic bottles could be created into something pretty and functional. In this case, if you are a teacher, you can even teach your students to make the crafts. Not only for the creativity reason, but also for the nature friendly program that you can apply to your kids. At last, besides for the plastic bottles, don’t forget to also prepare the other additional materials.

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