29 Inspiring Vertical Garden Decor Ideas

Are you fond of gardening? What kinds of plants you used to plant? Gardening is an interesting hobby indeed. Also, it can fresh your mind because we can see some greens and hope the plants grow well. In addition, gardening can be done in your spare time. Also, you can enjoy this hobby in your front yard, backyard, or even the side yard.

But, what about those whose garden is spacious enough while they want to plant lots of plants? Vertical garden is the answer. Absolutely, this technique of gardening is now popular among those whose garden is not big enough. Moreover, this technique is believed can create aesthetically value of your garden and also the plants productivity.

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Now, a vertical garden idea will not only can be found in your real garden. Furthermore, you can bring this idea as the natural decoration of your porch, patio, or even indoor decoration. Then, let’s take some examples. First, if you like to plant lettuce and some leafy vegetables or herbs, a wooden vertical planter is your best reference. Likewise, it will save your space and give amazing planter for you. In contrast, you can also use pallet as the material instead of woods. Vertical planters made of pallets on the wall surely becomes one of great solution to plant herbs, flowers, or vegetables.

On the other hands, of you want to have indoor garden, you can apply tiered hanging pot idea. This is one of the indoor vertical garden idea that can enhance your home decoration. Additionally, you can amp up your kitchen decoration by having small vertical planter on the wall. You can have it from wooden beam and make a square planter to plant lettuce, celery, etc. As well as this, another idea of vertical planter is potted plants using cans. Don’t hurry to throw your cans, you can use them for pot idea. Hung them on the wooden board and attach it oo the wall to create a simple vertical garden idea. Because gardening can refresh your mind, you can keep doing this hobby although you only have small space garden. Therefore, you can opt one of these ideas which is appropriate for you.

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