30 Best Ways to Reuse the Plastic Bottles for Your Home Decoration

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Are you a soft drink lover? Having lots plastic bottles of soft drink or mineral water? Don’t be hurried to throw them away because you can magically make them as DIY crafts that are amazing and creative. Moreover, you can be a volunteer to save the earth from plastic waste. Basically, plastic is not the kind of good material for our environment. Thus, this article asks you to save our environment by making plastic as valuable and useful crafts for your home.

A survey stated that there are 100 milions plastic bottles are used everyday. Therefore, you can imagine how these plastic bottles endanger our environment. And, reuse these bottles will be a wise step to begin indeed. Here, we will show you how to reuse some plastic bottles become amazing incredible crafts that you can have to decorate your house.

Unique necklaces holder made of reuse plastic bottle.
Awesome decoration made of reused plastic bottle
Colorful faux flower decoration made of reused plastic bottle. You can put them on the wall for a better look
Decorative lighting with reused plastic bottles which make a festive look at night
Soft drink plastic bottle used as planters are suitable for those whose garden is nt spacious
Cuteness cat vases made of reused plastic bottle. It is creative and interesting.
Creative curtain made of reused cup plastic bottle. The colors seem to be an amaxing combination
Christmas tree made of reused plastic bottle. Give snowflakes touch to create winter vibe.

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Beautiful earings made of reused plastic bottle to make you look pretty.
Red apple ornament crafts that made from reused plastic bottle.
cute hanging ornaments made of reused plastic bottles.
Red plastic bottle that is crafted into keychain with beads.
Waterfall decoration made of some plastic bottles to make your kids interested
Paprika ornaments made of reused plastic bottles to organize your small stuffs.
Light craft from reused plastic bottle is gorgeous idea for your home decoration.
Artistic flowers decoration made of reused plastic bottles to decorate your front home.

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Awesome decorative lighting made of reused plastic bottles looks perfect for one of your home decorations.
Cute hanging pots made of reused plastic bottle can be your best home decoration.
Great decorative lighting made of reusednplastic bottles
Green plastic bottle for your planters. It is a great idea for a small gardrn trick
Various plastic bottle cap that are used to be your wall decoration.
Curtain flower from plastic bottle that look beautiful one for your home decoration.
Decorative lighting designed from plastic bottles.
Evergreen tree made of plastic bottle for your easy and cheap Christmas ornament.

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Three hanging plastic bottles for your indoor planters and also your decoration.
Hanging plastic bottle pots to plant cacti will make your home look inviting
Reused hanging planters on tge wall which make your house look fresh.
Great bamboo-like plastic planters to decorate your porch
Hanging plastic planters for indoor small garden.
Window hanging plastic planters to plant your flowers. They will freshen up your room.

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Have you ever imagined that your plastic bottles can be your home decoration which is great and amazing? Take the bottom part of your plastic bottles then arrange them by rope to make a decorative curtain. Furthermore, the bottom of your plastic bottles can be the additional ornaments to beautify your lamp. And, if you arrange them beautufully, it will look like a crystal lamp. Additionally, if you have hundreds of plastic bottle caps, you can make them as wall decoration by sticking them on the wall. Then, arrange them based on size or color into a good pattern.

On the other hands, for those who are interested in gardening but do not have enough space to get it true, make your plastic bottles as planters. Likewise, these plastic bottles will give you artistic look because they are easily arranged. Hang some plastic bottles with rope then you can place them on your fence wall. Then, you can also have plastic bottles as indoor planter decoration by sticking them on your wall to freshen up your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. Also, some vegetables, herbs, cacti, or flowers can grow well in this kind of reused plastic bottle planters. The last but not least, for more aesthetic look, you can paint the bottles so that you get more inspiring plastic bottle planters. Thus, try these ideas at home to make a creative DIY reused plastic bottle.

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