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21 Creative Ways to Recycle Your Wine Bottles into DIY Christmas Lamps

Having spare time in your holiday? Let’s make some crafts by recycling your wine bottles. Does it sound good? If you are the ones who love drinking wine to warm your body in winter, absolutely you have lots of wine bottles. Then, why don’t you make them become something useful? Consider to have DIY Christmas lights made of your wine bottles to amp up your room decoration. Generally, there are hundreds ideas of creating your own Christmas lamps from wine bottles. And, some are presented in this article.

Indeed, making a Cristmas light from wine bottles needs your creativity. Also, you can make the design as you want. Besides, selecting the best and most interesting will make it becomes the impressive DIY craft to show. Moreover, ask your kids to create their own Christmas lights for their bedroom. Well, let’s get started knowing some interesting examples.

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Image Source

Actually, lighting plays an important role in Christmas nights. Thus, Christmas will feel more beautiful with some decorative lightings installed in your home. Furthermore, here we will discuss some designs and themes of your DIY Christmas lights from wine bottles. First, the bottles must be free from its label. After that, if you want to make it painted, just paint with the color you desire. Next, get started stuffing your Christmas lights in the bottle. Here, you will need a 50 light string that is not made to connect end-to-end. And, that’s it! A DIY Chrostmas light from wine bottles will make your decoration amazing.

Furthermore, there are some Christmas theme designs you can have. For examples, draw a snoman or two evergreens with snow falls to descrube the cold Christmas. Additionally, for those who make a DIY Christmas lights for their kids room, they can ask their kids favorite cartoon character to draw on the wine bottles. Not only cartoon characters, you can also have floral or animal theme to make a festive Christmas light. On the other hands, get other themes like aquatic theme by sticking some seashells, starfish, etc. Then, we can put these wine bottle lights in your living room, porch, bedroom or any rooms you want. Likewise, these creative decorations will make your Christnas more interesting than ever. Finally, have a nice Christmas, everyone!

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