21 Inspiring Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Perfect Your Home


When commonly you only focus on the indoor lighting, then it’s time for you to consider your outdoor lighting. It is also important since it will be the first impression of your guests especially when they come to your house at night. In this case, it will be bad if you can’t provide the good lighting because your house will looks gloomy. In hence, here we provide two parts of the outdoor lighting that you can try.

Porch Lighting

Porch will be the first important spot that you should provide with the proper lighting. Because the porch lighting will expose your front door as well, so that you can’t skip this for your outdoor lighting. You can’t let your guests to be in the dark while knocking your door, right? Then go check the following porch lighting ideas we provided below.

This porch has the yellow hanging lamps in rectangular lantern form.
String lamp installed into the wooden ceiling which is awesome.
It has two kinds of lighting those are the white string lamp and the lantern that put into the porch table.
Two pendant lights in black iron material seem enough for this classic porch design.
Such a unique lighting that twisted into the rattan balls.

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Simple hanging lamps added into the wall of the porch.
Hanging lantern laghting installed into the ceiling and the wall of the porch
Two kinds of lighting where the circular one installed into the ceiling then the lantern installed into the wall.
Unique and modern lighting design installed into the wall of the pillars and walls.
Circular lighting installed into the ceiling seems enough as the wall is in white bright color.
One single hanging laghting in lantern form.

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Garden Lighting

The next outdoor lighting that you should provide after the porch is the garden. Especially when you have the path way in your front yard because your guests will need it to walk through it at night. Moreover, it will be great if you can expose the greenery in your garden so that you can really make it stand out whether at days or nights. Here are the great references for you to adapt.

Walk path and border lighting that exposed the outdoor wall part.
Garden lighting that applied into the groung to expose the plants.
The garden lighting that mostly installed for the centre part of the garden and the border of the house.
The lighting installed into groung of the border wall to expose both the plants and home.
The lighting installed into the walkpath and the ground to expose the statue.
The trees and statue exposed by the lighting that installed underneath.
Beside for the walk path, the lighting also installed to expose some parts of the garden spot.
By using the lantern lighting, the walkpath looks even more adorable and pretty.

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Almost all of the big plants in this garden exposed with the lighting that installed into the ground.
The unique vertical lighting installed along the walkpath to light up the way.

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In case you want to have the proper outdoor lighting, make sure that you provide whether the porch and the garden lighting. Since we have provided some different kinds of lighting then you can really free yourself to choose the one that fit your taste. Then, for the application, you can adjust it based on your porch or garden condition.

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