23 Laundry Room Design Ideas to Utilize Your Unused Small Space

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Laundry room commonly becomes the room that people do not give any concern on it. Because it only used rarely and won’t be exposed too much so that to decorate it won’t be something interesting. Related with that, you can utilize the small space left in your house to have the other benefits. Here, you can provide the cabinet or open rack for your laundry room just like the following references.

Completing with Cabinet

Cabinet will proper for you who have to store your laundry stuffs like detergent, softener, brush, and more in a closed cabinet. It is needed in case you have kids in your home and to let your stuff in an open space will give you trouble. Or, when there are rats exist in your house then the closed cabinet will be the best choice for you. Check these references out!

White cabinet to match the Tosca wall for the chic look.
Soft green cabinet installed into the top part and the bottom side on the floor.
White cabinet installed above the washing machine and under the sink.
Two white cabinets that connected with the iron hanger.
Two cabinets with transparent door made of glass.
Two cabinets above the sink and one cabinet under the sink in white color.
One single cabinet in white color to match the yellow wall paint.
The cabinets here are separated with the iron hanger and open cabinet.
White cabinet installed above the washing machine and the brown wooden cabinet installed under the washing machine.

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Big white cabinet in the upper part and the smaller one installed under the sink.
Such a massive cabinet provided here to facilitate your laundry needs.

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Completing with Open Rack

Basically rack has the advantages that the closed cabinet doesn’t have. The most striking one is that you’ll be easier to take the stuffs since you don’t have to open the cabinet door first. Moreover, it is also easier to find the stuff as it is exposed well without covered up by any door. In hence, if you want the neat one, you can provide the storage so that you can get the well arranged laundry stuffs.

Open rack above the washing machine complete with cardboard storage.
Black open rack made of wooden fruit boxes.
Wood and wire seem to be matched to apply together as the open rack.
White wooden open rack with rattan baskets in it.
Wooden pallet open rack in a simple design.
Blue wooden rack that added with rattan baskets for Scandinavian style.
Simple wooden open rack in dark brown color that matches well for your farmhouse style.
White wooden pallet that propped up to create the open rack.
Simple white wire open rack for a really narrow space.
White wire open rack added with white plastic baskets for the harmonious look.
Whiten wooden open rack in a neat arrangement installation.
Grey wall color that combined with brown wooden open rack which is really modern and calming at once.

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Between the cabinet or open rack, both are really proper. Here, you just need to adjust it based on your needs and space condition. Also, you might adjust it based on how you will make your laundry room works for you. For example if you want to make it as your indoor hanger, then make sure that the rack or cabinet can mix well with the hanger.

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