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30 Sensational Fireplace Design Ideas to Warm You Up

Since fireplace is the important thing that you should provide during winter, then it is worthy for you to decorate it well. Basically there are so many things that you can do to decorate the fireplace. It covers from the small ornament above the fireplace, wreath or even the garland. Moreover, you can also give the ornament near the fireplace whether beside the fireplace or even in front of it.

Anyway, you can also decorate the fireplace based on the decoration style that you apply. For example, if you have the rustic style, you can maintain to give the rustic ornament too. Simply adjust the material that proper for the style like unfinished wood craft. Then, if you can apply the things in a match way, you’ll have the harmonious fireplace decoration.

Some mini Christmas tree ornament that placed above the fireplace that added with evergreen garland. Then, the white socks also added to bring the winter touch.
Evergreen garland and wreath that decorated with string lamps then installed into the fireplace.
Two mini Christmas trees connected with foliage garland to decorate the fireplace. In hence one more mini Christmas tree also added near the fireplace.
Some evergreen that placed above the fireplace with snowflake ornament really match with the white hanging socks ornament.
Mini Christmas trees that combined with garland where those two ornaments added with string lamps.
Evergreen combined with the gold color foliage applied into the fireplace to give the glorious impression.
White Christmas trees that put beside the fireplace which really match with the white fireplace color and the other ornament around.
Evegreen garland that can really represent the winter season applied to the fireplace.
A festive garland applied to the fireplace that combined with the string lamps and big ribbon.
Foliage garland applied to the fireplace that added with flowers and orange as the additional garland ornament.
Evergreen garland used to decorate the fireplace paired with white socks and home miniature in Christmas theme.
Two wreath paired with garland and white socks to decorate the fireplace.
Garland in statement paper flag used applied to the fireplace which is awesome.
Simple evergreen garland for your moden devoration style.
Black and white socks decoration paired with silver and red balls which are perfect for winter fireplace decoration.
All white fireplace decortaion from the fireplace paint color to the all ornament added.
Red shocks applied with the evergreen garland that match well with the white and red flowers ornament.
The garland made of evergreen, string lamp, and ribbons look awesome for your fireplace decoration.

image source

The Christmas tress paintings here look awesome to be ised as the fireplace decoration.
Fresh evergreen and pinecones that arranged to be a garland for the fireplace decoration.
Gold wreath and balls can be really effective to create glorious fireplace look.
Balls that applied into the evergreen garland look shining paired with the string lamps.qq
Green balls used as the hanging ornament that can be a simple yet pretty ornament.
The oranges applied to the garland create such a fresh impression which is great.
Stars will be really gorgeous with its shining impression for your winter fireplace.
This one is such a festive fireplace garland with so many colorful balls applied into it.
Pretty wreath designed by using white flowers, gold ribbon, and gold ball which are really harmonious.
Dried tree that painted into white color added with gold balls for the luxurious fireplace look.
Red and green are the colors used to decorate the fireplace. Here, with the wreath and garland, the fireplace looks enough for the ornament.
Festive fireplace decoration with gold color as the main theme which is glorious.

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For your consideration, you can have the materials that proper for your fireplace decoration. Here, the most common materials used are the evergreen, balls, string light, pinecones, and even the berries. Moreover, for the festive one, make sure that you add the lighting into your ornament. It is because the light will create such glorious atmosphere at night when you turn it on.

At last, it is also important for you to choose the fuel for your fireplace. Since there are some different fuel exist with different characteristics, you can choose based on your needs. Here, you can choose such as the wood beam, coal, or charcoal. In hence, don’t forget to provide proper chimney so that the smoke won’t pollute your room.

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