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Sweet Lively Purple Living Room

Purple is often connected with wealth, peace, independence, luxury and power. The function of living room as the heart of your home needs to be completed with the color of purple. This color will boost the power of family togetherness with peace and worthy.  For your guest is also cannot be better as purple living room to give spirit atmosphere to your visitors.

Here, will not give living room with the only purple color for the painting. Because too much purple makes the quality of impatience or arrogance but too little purple creates feeling of apathy or powerlessness. Thus, here we give you the purple living room with some touches of the other color which create Sweet Lively Purple Living Room.

Stick to accessories and soft furnishings

Stick to accessories and soft furnishings Sweet Lively Purple Living Room

As I stated before that too much purple is going to be risky. So get your accessories and soft furnishing as a subtle touch into your living room could be one of the solutions. It also creates a stylish living room by its neutral tones, accessories and soft furnishings. Moreover, the impact of the pale walls and sofas is boosted by the purple rug. It completely serves a perfect living room with the chandelier, curtain fabric which gives more luxurious touches.

Keep your living room cozy

Keep your living room cozy Sweet Lively Purple Living Room

You can still have a cozy living room with purple though it has luxurious effect. Put the purple on the all and on the pillow. Meanwhile, grays, browns and mauve-grays will prevent the color scheme into overdrive. It is cozy yet completely cozy balanced with the wooden coffee table.

Modern Classic Purple Living Room

Modern classic purple living room Sweet Lively Purple Living Room

Modern purple living room is great by the existence of dusty purple and off-white furniture for classic style. Meanwhile, the gray color creates the modern schemes.

Luxurious Dusky Purple Living Room

Luxurious dusky purple living room Sweet Lively Purple Living Room

It blends perfectly the dusty purples which has rich and luxurious look with the velvet, heavy curtains, marble and touches of gold. Complete combination between cool down shades of pink and purple, purple-tone paint and the fresh turquoise accents.

Fabulous Classic Color Combinations For Every Space in Your Home

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