10 Picturesque Patio Gardens For Tranquil Feeling

We can not deny that outdoors give much impact on our home decoration. Usually, it is done with a patio that made of stones or paving slab of concrete. Nowadays people are more creative in building a patio. They use timber to attain a modern and contemporary look. It added with various plants as well.

A Stunning Garden


Even in a small area, you can create such a beautiful garden like this. There are a variety of materials with pavers and timber. Then, we also love the green grass and the planters with green plants as well.

Romantic Garden


You will never be bored in this area with climbing roses that beautiful. After that, hydrangeas make this space white. We adore lilies and other green plants that truly fresh. This area gives us secret privacy that felt better for rest.

Beautiful With Wooden Elements


Spending more time here will be the most favorite thing ever. Look at the sunken that used for kids’ area. The owner installs sands and a tree with white stones. Two chairs looked like great contemporary seating.

Simple Contemporary Patio


What we see here is a contemporary patio and grassed area that simple but refreshing. The seating is done in a simple touch. There are two chairs and a round wooden table. Furthermore, some rectangular pavers looked nice.

Patio And Fireplace


When you are blessed with a large outdoor area, it is time to create a comfy patio. Build an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace will be awesome. Add a seating area with some armchairs to get relax while having a warm conversation.

Has Subtle Asian Influence


This garden looks comfy and cozy with subtle Asian influence. With water features and a seating area, you can have dinner here. Further, it will give you a romantic moment that unforgettable. Have fun!

A Walled Garden


This isn’t just a walled garden but looked like a relaxing spa. The patio has a rectangular sunken bathtub that used for taking a bath with warm water or cold water as you need. There are various seating area too.

With A Clock Patio


We just love the clock on the patio with fireplace underneath. This garden has a seating area that decrated well with simple mushroom yellow. Anyone would like to have a patio like this. What about you?

A Fascinating Modern Patio


What we love from this patio is that the seating and outdoor kitchen. Having a bbq party here will be fun. The use of timber as the based-material make this patio looked fascinating.

With Stone Fireplace


Nothing that more blessing than having a quality time with your family. Here, you can talk about a simple conversation with your husband or kids or parents.

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