30 Stylish Masculine Bathroom Decor Ideas

The room decor that becomes people’s desire recently is the masculine stylish. In particular a bathroom decor. In the case of a room decor, there are two particularly important aspects, they are color and furniture. But, as we know that there are no boundaries, in particularly colors used. Nevertheless, there are no rules specifically about it whether it is masculine or feminine or equally cross-gender. Besides, it is all about perception. In general, some colors that often represent masculine are black, wooden brown, warm yellow, natural stone grey color, or the bright color like white.

Meanwhile, the masculine itself is not only about the color, but also the furniture and the material used as well. Mostly, its styles are mostly a modern minimalist, industrial, and classic style. Along with that, earthy material furniture like wooden expose, stoned wall expose, black color or monochrome color often become the themes. Moreover, this combination of earthy material furniture and color can describe the overall masculine vibe like manly, solid, warm, simple and private. Now, take look at these 30 ideas below.

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Additionaly, one or two plants can be added. Undoubtedly, the room will earthier and more comfortable thus allowing the masculine vibe to show up too. Last but not least, another thing to be concerned is lighting. It is clearly that he position of the bathroom which is at the edge of the building actually can get the natural lighting directly when glass installed to separate inside and outside. But, indeed it still needs electrical lighting installation for the night. You can choose the bright white light or warm yellowish light to keep the warmness ambiance. Install them properly to get the perfect bathroom as you wish.

In conclusion, the bathroom becomes one of the important rooms to have. Then, why does it become a “holy” place to have? Because, it literally should be a place to get rest or to calm down our rush hectic day like a working day. Moreover, it also can be a remedy place to think over something or even to gain some fresh ideas or solutions. Furthermore, it will take quite long hours enjoying the ambiance. But, it is worthy to pay off for the unstoppable pressure from everywhere. So, lastly, may these pics can inspire you to have serenity even in the bathroom.

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