8 Charming Blue Bathrooms That Bright And More Spacious To Inspire You

Blue color will give a soothing and calming effect for your bathroom. Furthermore, it will be easier to attain a true sanctuary out. You will want to spend more time on your bathroom. A good bathroom design should reflect your personality as well as meet your needs. Here are some charming blue bathrooms to inspire you.

Artistic Blue Bathroom


This is a very cool and calm bathroom with blue and white. The owner adds an artistic paintings on the wall with a potted branches. The sink is done with modern appliances. What we love here is the glass door. It is superb.

With Soothing And Cooling Effect


This space is totally cool with blue bathtub. Enjoy the room with warm feeling by the application of wooden floor. Furthermore, it has a metallic potted green plant that surely eye-catching. The glass wall lets natural light comes but gives privacy as well.

With Blue And White Color


This small space done with a cool and minimalist design. Look at the powder room with vessel sink that looked clean and sleek. A long mirror reflects the light beautifully. Then, blue glossy wall makes this space truly enchanting.

With Bright Aqua Walls


It has a stainless steel sink that gives a touch of unique feature. Then, a white floor-to-ceiling shower curtain keeps this bathroom look larger. You will love the use of bright aqua walls that create charming look.

Blue Mosaic Bathroom


This modern bathroom perfectly shows us an oceanic view. Blue mosaic tile wall and the bathtub are truly amazing. Some candles make this space look like a spa. We love a big white flower on the nook as well.

A Lovely Modern Bathroom


The one who loves blue will adore this bathroom decoration. It is done with white and blue wall that looked elegant. The sheer curtain create private feeling but you can enjoy the natural light. We love the glass window too.

With Modern Minimalist Look


The blue mosaic tile, bathtub, and shower area are arranged perfectly. Elevated stepping stones used here also adds decorative element. Even the circle area rug upgrade this bathroom too. We love the branches on the pot that unique.

Blue Silent Bath


Imagine that you are on this silent room. Feel the sensation of relaxing area with blue touches here and there. The drawers, floating shelves, and rug area are done in blue that bring back our spirit of life.

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