Most Favorite Pink Bathroom Ideas For Simply Pretty Decoration

Most of women love pink colors. They tend to choose pink for fashion and or makeup look. Even, some of them apply pink for home decoration as well. Here we have pink bathroom ideas that may inspire you. Woman or girls will love these ideas. Combine with pink shades or other colors to keep it awesome.

Pink Kid’s Bathroom


We guarantee that your little girl will love this bathroom design. It is not only a matter of pink but also the decoration. Look at the sticker on the white wall that truly enchanting. Then, the lamp next to the mirror with bright color is cool.

Small Pink And White Bathroom


We love the patterned tile walls here that truly sweet for a bathroom. Then, white gives neutral tone that works well with pink. This bathroom looks bright at mid day though without additional lighting fixtures.

A Modern Huge Bathroom Design


Stay and relax at this bathroom will gain back your mood. The floor and walls are in white, but the furniture items are done in pink. It has pink rug area as well. Though this bathroom is designed in modern but not monotonous.

A Classic Bathroom


This is a lovely light pink bathroom. The ceramic tiles with details gain this bathroom to look luxurious. The chandelier, bathtub, and hardware are arranged well as a super cozy bathroom decoration.

Pink Metallic Bathroom Design


It isn’t just pink. Feel free to combine with other hues for a fabulous bathroom decoration. This area done with grey, white, and pink. Look at the shower room with rose details, modern sinks and cool white cabinet. The tiles and walls are done in pink that gorgeous.

A Small Pink Bathroom


Pink also make a small bathroom looked more spacious. Pink tiles on the floor and a half part walls seen perfect. Then, the designer combines it with white walls. It has more mirrors on the wall to reflect the light.

With Lighter Shade Of Pink


What a cool bathroom with lighter shade of pink. It almost every single space of this bathroom uses pink. The floor, walls, and cabinet are done in light pink. However, we still find white on the sink and ceiling. Overall, this is a truly sweet bathroom.

Teen Bathroom With Pink


Of course, it is about teen girl’s bathroom that done in minimalist look. The owner applies bold pink color for wall. The floor looks calm with concrete. We love a tree besides the white bathtub as well. What a cool bathroom, isn’t it?


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