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27 Best Outdoor And Indoor Pinecone Decorations For Christmas

Creativity can just show up in various ways. Similarly, the media used. Likewise many things can be used to enhance our creativity, ranging from small objects to large enough objects. Thus, it will create a useful creation. Such as home decoration, room decoration or even accessories for yourself. So, try to use the objects that are around us first. If it is winter, there will usually be a lot of pine cones.

We can find pine cones in cold regions and because it is winter there will usually be a lot in our environment. As well as Christmas hats and gifts, pine cone is one of the icons that we usually encounter during Christmas. Home decoration using pine cone is often encountered during Christmas. Some sell it and some even make it themselves according to their own creations. The following are examples of decorations using pine cones.

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This pine cone decoration can be put in your indoor or outdoor house. You can create pine cones as outdoor decoration by adding other accents such as patterned or colored ribbons and pine leaves. Arrange the pine cone to the shape you want and then add the additional accessories. Then maybe you can make the series as a decoration for your home door, hang it on the door, or as a decoration for your mailbox.

In addition, the use of pine cone decoration in the room is no less beautiful. Therefore, make pine cones into a variety of unique decorations. So, you can add different colors to the pine cone to make it look attractive. Or you can also make a pine cone that resembles a Christmas tree, little Santa Claus, usually in your fireplace and can also be combined with lights and small twigs. Moreover, all will look good and beautiful if you can create it well.

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