31 Best Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire

We all know that the bathroom is a room in our home dedicated for personal hygiene activities, generally containing a toilet, a sink and either a bathtub, a shower, or both. In some countries, the toilet is usually included in the bathroom, whereas other cultures consider this insanitary or impractical, and give that fixture a room of its own. The toilet may even be outside of the home in the case of pit latrines. It may also be a question of available space in the house whether the toilet is included in the bathroom or not.

A big part of the Moroccan style of a bathroom is to make a centerpiece of bold shapes and vibrant colors. Ornate style pendant lights are a great way to add drama and lavish a room. As a result, they look particularly gorgeous against bright colorful tiles and steel-grey washed walls. Sometimes, it’s all in the soft furnishings. Embroidered shower curtains, geometric patterned towels, bright colors (yellows, reds, blues, pinks, greens) and lots of plants. It’s a beautifully modern twist on the Moroccan look. For more of a subtle touch of Moroccan in your bathroom, keep everything clean and white with accents of colored tile and colorful soap dishes. It is a sophisticated look that lends itself to both summer and winter.

Below, you will see a lot of varieties of Moroccan-styled bathrooms. They differ in pattern and colors, yet somehow show similarity in style. These bathrooms are somehow similar, because they present pattern-full wall or floor, for instance, eye-catching color for walls, or mosaic design on either its wall or floor. They defy the rules of simplicity and they retain the colorful and extraordinary concept.

 1. Eye-catching Patterns

Applying patterned glass, patterned floors as well and ordinary windows

2. Black and White Floor Pattern

Combining black and white patterned floors and white bathtubs

3. Black and White Style

Applying white pattern on black floor, black cabinet and mirror

4. Wooden Furniture on Black and White Style

Black and white patterned wall and floors plus wooden furniture

5. Old Style

Patterned walls and white bathtub

6. Tosca-Themed Bathroom

Simple floor, patterned wall and white sitting toilet

7. Black and White

Combining patterned floors and ceramic bathtub

8. Ceramic-Styled Sink

Patterned green mirrors and ceramic sinks

9. Dominant-White Bathroom

Bathroom in white color and white furniture

10. Plants in Bathroom

White floors, patterned walls and brown carpet

11. Simple Design

White storage, white sink and mirror

12. Sparkly Wall

Moroccan bathroom with beautiful patterned walls and black sink

13. Fancy Blue Bathroom

Beautifully patterned blue walls and white bathtub

14. Blue and White Theme

Black and white floor, white cabinets and white bathtub

15.  Patterned Walls and Bathtub

Patterned walls and bathtub

Fully-patterned walls and blue sinks

Dominant-red walls and bathtub

Calm and stylish gray walls and white bathtub

Eye-catching walls, black sink and patterned mirror

Paved shower and pink carpet

grayish concrete walls and patterned floor

Vintage-styled bathroom with stone sink, gray walls and bathtub

Matching floor and sink pattern

Simply patterned Moroccan bathroom with black walls and patterned black bathtub

Double sinks

White Moroccan bathroom with white sink and patterned white mirror

White Moroccan bathroom with patterned walls, mirror, white sink and white sitting closet

Golden Moroccan bathroom with patterned yellow walls and white sink

Colorful Glass tiles bathroom with black floor, patterned walls and blue storage

Old style bathroom with green walls, black floor and mirror

Colorful Moroccan bathroom with black floor

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