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21 Best Furniture and Decor Ideas This Year

When talking about home decoration, it won’t be far from the furniture. It is because no matter how spacious or narrow your home is, you will always need furniture to fulfill your needs of an occupancy. Nowadays, there are so many home decoration style existed. But, if we look at people’s interest, then farmhouse and modern are the styles that mostly applied. Moreover, there is also industrial style that also loved because of the unique style look.

Farmhouse Style

First of all, let’s talk about farmhouse decoration style. Here, to achieve the style you could use the nature element furniture. In this case, the easiest material is the wood. Then, if it is possible, you could have rattan too although it might a little bit more expensive. In addition, if you want the rustic touch then simply have the furniture in unfinished look.

In case you want to create the farmhouse living room, you can apply the wooden furniture. Moreover, the jute rug can really add the farmhouse impression.


Even for your indoor entryway, you can give the farmhouse touch. If you look at the picture above, you’ll see that all things are in farmhouse style from the table, mirror, basket, and lamp.

This design might look a little bit modern with the chandelier above. However, if you look at the dining table, centrepiece, and chair materials, you’ll find that those are really farmhouse.

This time, the farmhouse style has the touch of rustic style. Look at the candle holders with its unfinished look which is really rustic. The old windows are also effective to bring out the farmhouse touch.

This simple dining table decoration could be effective for your small house. In hence, add it with bamboo chandelier to strengthen the farmhouse impression.

This one is the living room decoration. Here, you can place the small rustic seat behind your sofa. In case you don’t use it as your seat, you can use it as your decoration.

Here, the table might have show you the farmhouse touch, but the basket on the table can strengthen the impression of the style.

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Modern Style

The other most loved decoration style will be the modern style. This time, you might have been quite familiar with the style. Yes, you are right! The main ideas of modern style is its simplicity. There won’t be too many ornament, colors, and shape. Even for the furniture and building shape carry on rigid look. There will be lines, square, triangle, and other rigid shape.

Without any consideration, this living room is absolutely has the modern style. First, you can look at the colors applied which are neutral and represent the modern style.

This time, the modern style brought by using white color scheme. Combined with black color, this decoration even more has the modern touch.

The unique shape of this glass coffee table really effective to create the modern impression. Then, the black fireplace background is also fierce yet modern.

In case you think that the common neutral color such as brown, black, and white are too boring then you can use the other one. Here, you can use orange, red, or blue for the other color accent of your room.

Beside for previous color, if you don’t want to make it looks crowded, then you can simply use one single additional color. Here, yellow can be a good choice.

The focal point for this decoration is the abstract wall paining. The freedom that presented from the painting can really showing the modern characteristic.

The minimalist decoration is applied in this living room. Although it has spacious room, the room doesn’t applied with too many furniture and ornament.

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Industrial Style

The last one will be the industrial. It is such a style that comes from old days style but bring out the modern element at the same time. In hence, it has a really aesthetic look with its old factory and industrial things. Even more, it has the unfinished look too sonetimes. For you who love aesthetic and anti mainstream things, this style will be the right choice for you.

For the industrial touch, this room uses the chandelier as the focal point. In addition, the combination of the wood and iron chairs table is also awesome. Then, check out on how unique the iron design application on the chairs.

The combination of the wood beam and the chain to hang the lamps could give the industrial touch real y well. Moreover, the lamps shape are unique as it will match the industrial style.

The wire that used as the cabinet doors are quite anti mainstream. With the black color, you can strengthen the industrial impression. Moreover, to use the wire as your hanger will be awesome too.

Due to the simple decoration, here the bedroom uses the lighting to bring out the industrial impression. It will match well for you the youth.

Not only in one part, this industrial kitchen style has some touches to bring out the characteristic of the industrial style. It covers from the cabinet, cooker hood, and even the ornament.

This simple cantilever although only in a simple one, but it works well to create the industrial impression. Moreover, you can also have it from the old iron chairs.

This removable cabinet has the industrial with its cantilever. The color of the iron pipe which is its own natural color is really great.

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Those three styles are the most loved decoration styles these days. With the furniture references that we’ve served, we do believe that you’ll get the idea of each style. It is because the furniture can really represent the way the style should be bring out. Since each of the style has its own characteristic and uniqueness, then it’s all really yours to choose the right one for your home.

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