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20 Best Room Design Ideas of December 2020

Since December is coming soon and you’ll need to redecorate your home then there will be some things for you to consider. For your advice, you can decorate your home by using Christmas or winter theme. It is because during December, the stand out things happen are Christmas and winter. Even more, you can have it as your home decoration during winter. Then, to help you collect the ideas, here we are going to serve you with some decoration ideas for some rooms in your home.

Living Room

As the public space in your home, to give the best decoration into it is quite worthy. Beside for the comfortable reason, you can have it to create certain atmosphere. Here, you can make your guests in awe with the decoration that you have. There are some decoration styles that we have on down below. You can look at how the room decorated for each style.

This decoration might be too colorful for you who love the calm decoration style. In otherwise, it is really great since the fierce spirit yet chic impression could be brought into the room at once.

This white living room concept is really calm as you can apply it during winter. Then, to add beauty you add it with greenery.

This living room decoration will fit you who love chic decoration style. Moreover, you can also apply it for your Boho decoration concept.

This living room decoration has such a unique furniture. Look at the coffee table design that has the seats below the table. Here, if you have lot of budget then you can have it.

A narrow living room yet really pretty and functional. Here, the comfortable comes from the fore place to support the cold weather during December.

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To make sure that you can give the best serve for your family and guests, then having a good kitchen decoration is really worthy. Here, if you can build your good mood in cooking, then good food will be something easy to make. That is why, this December you should be able to bring out the good spirit into your kitchen. The following pictures are the references of the proper kitchen decoration in some different decoration styles.

This kitchen decoration has the farmhouse style which is awesome. It is because farmhouse won’t fail you to bring such a warm impression. Look at how adorable the window curtain in this decoration.

This chic kitchen decoration is really pretty to apply. Here, the curtains with pretty flower pattern are really impressive.

Farmhouse decoration style is quite popular these days. That is why this kitchen decoration style can be the right choice for you. Here, you can find how the wood material applied here and there.

Creme and brown are the colors that applied here. If you look at this decoration, you’ll find how warm the atmosphere could be.

This year, calm kitchen decoration is really suitable too. You can add it with nude purple color to give another accent into the room atmosphere.

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When the living room is your public space, then bedroom is your private room. Since it is your own area where you’ll spend your time to rest and doing private things, then make this room as cozy as possible. In this case, you don’t need to adjust the design based on others perspective. Here, you can really free your imagination to design the room. Check out some bedroom designs below and get your inspiration.

This blue soft color can be your choice this December. The floral pattern on the wall will really beautify the room decoration.

This bedroom still bring out the floral pattern into the wall. However, this time the color scheme is green which is really peaceful.

This bedroom has the modern black and white color scheme. However, the foliage pattern can beautify the decoration not to make it looks too rigid.

For you who love pretty things, this bedroom design will be really worthy. The bed cover pattern choice is really harmonious with the wall.

The soft orange color scheme here is really calm with the foliage wall pattern. Here, to combine it with the wood floor will be a really good idea.

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Basically the trend these days carry on the simple decoration style. If you look at the pictures below, you’ll find some simple yet adorable bathroom designs. Since bathroom commonly only available in narrow spot, then to have the simple design will be the right choice. Please look at how awesome the simple bathroom decoration could be.

The focal point in this bathroom decoration is the roof style. It even more unique with some farmhouse touches into into the storage, hook, and the floor.

For you who have the narrow bathroom space, you can choose this one. The glassĀ  separator here really useful to create wider room illusion.

Not to make your bathroom decoration looks boring, the pattern can really work well to beautify the room.

This bathroom decoration has the modern touch with the lighting. However, the rattan basket gives the bathroom farmhouse touch which is warm.

White color scheme in this bathroom looks really slick and clean. You can apply it if you love the simple yet calm decoration impression.

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For your consideration, you can have each of your room decoration by using the designs on down bellow. However, you should make sure that you choose the design in harmony. It means that, it is better for you to choose the sama decoration style. You will absolutely have the right home decoration concept by adjusting each room design.

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