21 Creative and Easy Homemade Decoration Ideas For Christmas

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What are your plans to spend your holiday time in Christmas? And, what about your Christmas decoration at home? Due to the Christmas decoration needs, we think it would be a great idea to spend your holiday by making your own Christmas decoration. Moreover, you can do it with your kids as they must be really excited. Basically, there are three Christmas decoration ideas in this article that will be taken as your references. They are Christmas tree, wreath, and garland. In addition, what make it really interesting to make by yourself is because of the simple, easy, and inexpensive material you have in hand. In hence, here they are the references you could have.

Christmas Tree

First, the must-have Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. Everyone usually buys this item at any store and choose the best and unique one. However, have you ever thought to make it from the unusual material? For example, you can use gold painted old newspaper, gold cushions, colorful buttons, dried woods, and so on. Here, you don’t need to buy a Christmas tree with a rustic style as you can make it by yourself. The following references will show you some great ideas of it. Beside for the easy side, these will be affordable too.

If you have some newspaper collections you can take advantages of it to create a Christmas tree. All you need is creativity, just spray the newspaper with gold color and shape resemble the Christmas tree.

To get creative and easy homemade decoration for Christmas you can use some cushions to create a Christmas tree. Arrange neatly the cushions from big to small and give star shape cushion on top to get attractive look.

Using some dry woods and create them resemble the Christmas tree. Cut the dry woods with some different sizes and arrange neatly. And then tie with ropes so that can be hung on the wall. To make a cute look, give some pom pom and stars decorations.

To decorate your home with creative and easy Christmas decoration you can use some wine cork and create them into a Christmas tree. Arrange neatly resemble the tree and give ribbon accent to make look cut. Then, place it on the table to enhance your home decoration.

Taking benefit of button to create a Christmas tree. Use some kinds of colorful buttons and arrange neatly into a Christmas tree shape. And you will get attractive look in your home decor.

Having a tripod can be used to create a Christmas tree for your home decoration. Just adding some Christmas balls and hang on the tripod. Definitely, this is a unique, creative and easy homemade Christmas decoration.

To beautify your wall with Christmas decoration, you can use some knick knacks and your collections for homemade decoration. Arrange and attach to the wall until resemble the Christmas tree. In addition, this homemade decoration can enhance your home look.

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Christmas Wreath

The next great and creative idea is about Christmas wreath. It is not only Christmas tree which steal your attention in Christmas, but wreaths also be one of must-have elements in Christmas. This kind of ornaments is one of your must-have list as well, you know. Moreover, to make Christmas wreath by yourself, just be creative. Here, you just need to use proper materials to create the wreath, then hang them on your front door by adding some greens, pom pom, or baubles. In addition to this, you can still have a classic wreath made of pine, berries, and pine cones. What a cute wreath!

A creative homemade decoration for Christmas is by making a wreath.You can make a snowman ornament wreath to get unique look in your front door.

To get cute look in your front door, you can create a creative and easy homemade decoration by making a wreath. Moreover, combine your classic wreath with some gingerbread ornaments to get cute look.

An easy homemade decoration for Christmas, you can create a wreath from burlap. Decorate with chevron pattern ribbon to get interesting look.

A creative homemade decoration for Christmas is making a wreath from feather. You can pick in lime color and give red Christmas ball ornaments to reinforce the Christmas spirit.

Placing a classic wreath for your door decoration in Christmas is a good idea. You can make from pine, berries and pinecones to get classic look in your home decoration.

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To get different look in your door decoration, you can create a creative wreath from unused skates. Next, fill your skates with evergreen and give pom pom ornament to get cute look.

Creating a wreath from wooden spool is a great idea for homemade Christmas decoration. Add red ribbon and hang in front of the door to impress your guest.

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Christmas Garland

The third idea is Christmas garlands. Just be out-of-the-box because you can explore your creativity to make unique garlands instead of green garlands. Furthermore, it seems like your Christmas does not complete without garlands. Though, it still sounds interesting to have a classic green garland in Christmas, but there are some creative garland ideas you can try. Thus, let’s make some cute garlands from woven paper ball, acorn, bow, and burlap.

To create a creative homemade decoration for Christmas you can make a garland from paper. Woven Christmas paper ball can beautify your home decoration.

Using acorn for Christmas garland is a good idea to look different in your home decoration. Just paint the acorn with some kind of colors to get colorful look.

Christmas bow light garland is a good idea to make your home Christmas decoration more cheerful and attractive. This is a creative and easy homemade decoration for Christmas.

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To decorate your home with simple and creative way, you can use burlap to create Christmas garland. Install on the fireplace and it can enhance your home decoration.

Installing Santa’s sleigh and reindeer garland for your home decoration is a good idea to reinforce Christmas spirit. This easy homemade decoration that you can make by own yourself.

Creating burlap garland for homemade Christmas decoration is very interesting for your home decor. Here, to make it looks cute you can add ribbon accent and some pines.

To decorate your home with creative homemade Christmas decoration, you can create a garland with the word “Let It Snow” banner. After that, add snowflake accent to reinforce the Christmas spirit.

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If you want to celebrate your Christmas without spending much money to buy any decoration or ornaments, surely you can try some homemade Christmas ornaments above. These homemade ornaments will enhance your Christmas and holiday. Besides, they will create a festive and cute look for your entire house because you can decorate all your rooms and nooks. Anyway, if you still want to have some classic ornaments, then you can combine your handmade ornaments with them. In conclusion, just be creative to try making so fun and cute handmade Christmas decoration. Last, have a great Christmas, guys!


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