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20 Most Popular Rustic Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

As the most important part of Christmas decoration. You should give, your best effort on the Christmas tree. Basically, there are several ways to make your Christmas tree looks beautiful. You can choose the best way to support your Christmas celebration. Either, Festive or simple Christmas tree. Generally, Between Festive or simple Christmas trees are based on how you decorate it. Now, we are going to check following example of festive and simple Christmas tree decoration.

Festive Decoration

Generally, a lively Christmas tree can be seen from several sides. In terms of decoration, most use ornaments that tend to be luxurious. For example, gold ribbons, golden balls, and some metal replicas that resemble snowflakes. Besides that, the festive Christmas tree decorations also use bright colors like red, silver and gold. So it will look sparkling.

Gold can always display a luxury. Christmas tree decorations with various shades of gold make your Christmas celebration more luxurious.

Christmas tree with white color can be the choice of a cheerful Christmas.

Make your Christmas more festive with Gold ribbon. Overall, it is look likes more adorable.

Red and white are the best combinations. Christmas is increasingly lit with a red Christmas tree.

Beautiful folds of ribbon make your Christmas tree more chic. Gold color ribbon has best combination with green Christmas tree.

Make your Christmas celebration more colorful. The combination of the red ribbon with gold stripes makes the Christmas Tree even more festive.

Overall, the combination of Christmas trees with white decoration creates a sacred impression in a big celebration.

In fact, Christmas tree is more cheerful with Santa Claus dolls, gifts, and other white colors.

You are required to have more bell decorations to decorate the Christmas tree. The combination of silver and gold shows good impression combinations.

This decoration here designed likes a lollipop. Commonly, it is more interesting for kids.

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Simple Decoration

In addition to the Christmas tree which is decorated festively. Many also maintain a natural impression that tends to be simple. Basically, this simple Christmas tree saves more budget. In general, many simple Christmas trees use simple ornaments. Besides that, also does not use many ornament. So everything looks simple.

A simple Christmas tree with charming simple decoration. Additional string lamps and some ribbons.

The concept of a simple Christmas tree is increasingly charming. With an attractive paper candle decoration.

The white holy impression makes your Christmas tree more charming. The theme of the celebration of Christmas is more elegant with this Christmas tree.

Christmas celebrations are even more festive with this candy cane. Here designed like a lollipop. Generally, this will attract the attention of many children.

Simple Christmas trees are increasingly charming with a combination of bouquets. This design is made circular to create a sustainable impression.

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In fact, string lamps make your Christmas feel romantic. The combination of the lights gives a warm impression on Christmas celebrations.

Generally, Christmas is never far from bells, candy canes, and red. The whole combination makes the simple Christmas tree light up.

Make your Christmas tree decoration simpler with several colorful ball and gifts box.

Santa Claus socks are one of the popular ornaments in the Christmas celebration. This can be an option.

Christmas trees are increasingly simple with minimalist decorations. The combination of ball ornaments with small candles that look cute.

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After seeing a few references of the Christmas tree, you can now select it. You can design a Christmas tree according to your budged and needs. The most important or simple thing is how you package it. So that everything looks charming with a good combination and decoration.

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