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53 Clever DIY Home Décor to Upgrade your Apartment

Owning a House with spacious grounds it seems difficult to come true if live in major cities such as New York City and several other provincial capitals in the Americas.

Apartment type studio is a unit of living quarters consisting of one bedroom and a bathroom. This type of apartment has an area ranging from 20 m2 to 30 m2. Because the needs of the community will be a residence, studio type apartment more and more sought after. Studio type apartment has the price is quite cheap when compared to other units such as the type of bedroom.

One of the limitations of land and the construction of skyscrapers that incessant. As a result, land occupancy is now no longer built horizontally, but vertically. One of the most sought-after is the apartment.

There are various types of units and apartment interior design provided by developers, ranging from the choice of one room (studio) to 3 or more rooms and a selection of simple design to luxury.

However, the more rooms in one unit, the more expensive price. For those who have limited funds or don’t have a partner, studio type apartment very suitable for them. In fact, the studio apartments are also equipped with a bathroom, pantry, and balcony. Despite its small size and only consists of one room, a studio apartment can be a comfortable residence for interior design in it looks nice.


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